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‘Tis a Very Busy Season for this Holiday for Logistics Companies

The most recent figures from the Labor Department shows that the warehousing and storage sector geared up in November for the holiday season, adding 8,100 jobs to pick, pack and ship e-commerce orders. This number reflects the most jobs the sector has added in a single month since December 2015, according to an article in […]

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Understanding How the “Additional Insured Clause” Works

An Additional Insured Clause is attached to a third-party liability policy in order to extend coverage provided under an insured’s policy to the party named within the clause. A third party, such as a client, vendor, or partner, typically will request additional insured status relating to services performed by the policyholder or as a condition […]

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Preparing for the Road Ahead: Autonomous Vehicles & Vessels

The race to get autonomous vehicles and vessels on the road and on our waterways is set to impact the way the logistics industry operates. While the reality of self-driving vehicles and vessels in still in the distant future, those throughout the logistics supply chain should be taking a close look at what is taking […]

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FastBond™ Video Quick Tip: Receive Bond Notifications via Email

Did you know… You have the option to have FastBond™ automatically email you the completed CBP301 bond form upon bond approval from ACE or CBP. Watch the video to learn how or follow these instructions. Instructions From the HOME page, click the link Update Your Contact Information (or, click on the Maintenance menu User Settings) […]

Industry Insights

Moving Targets: The Property Broker Benefits from Rail Deregulation – All Others Take Care

This blog written by Laura A. Otenti of Posternak Blankstein & Lund LLP examines how deregulation of the rail industry impacts the property broker bond required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Deregulation does not mean no regulation at all. The trick is figuring out which regulations remain in place and when. FMCSA Property […]

Industry Insights

Cargo Insurance in Action: Covering Freight Damage On the Road

Cargo owners often think that transporting goods by water as more perilous than shipping freight by land. Ocean travel covers thousands of miles over several weeks versus land distances, which are typically measured in hundreds of miles and days. The assumption, therefore, is that the road comes with fewer hazards due to the shorter transits. […]

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