Canada Customs Bonds

Canada Customs Bonds Explained

The Canada Customs Bond, or RPP Bond, is a requirement that stems from CARM, the multi-year initiative implemented by Canada Border Services Agency  (CBSA). CARM stands for CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management and is intended to modernize and streamline the process of imports into Canada.

Under CARM, importers will need to secure and post their own import bond in order to participate in the Release Prior to Payment Privilege (RPP). This is a significant change that impacts importers and customs brokers. Prior to CARM, customs brokers were allowed to extend use of their own customs bond to any importer.

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CARM Customs Bond Requirement

A Canada Customs Bond (form D120) is a surety bond posted for the benefit of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to guarantee compliance with a law or regulation – essentially to guarantee CBSA will get paid. There are three parties to the bond contract:

  1. The bond principal (such as the importer)
  2. The surety company who provides the bond
  3. The obligee (CBSA)

There are various types of Canada Customs Bonds and all serve a unique purpose for the bond principal. These bonds are designed to cover specific import, trade, and travel activities.

The RPP Bond will allow the importer to:

  • Obtain the release of goods from the CBSA before paying duties and taxes
  • Defer accounting for goods
  • Defer payment of duties and taxes (including GST)

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