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The domestic property broker contracts with motor carriers to move domestic freight to interstate destinations with the United States. While other names such as freight broker or truck broker are often used in the industry, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issues authority specifically for a property broker. The property broker does not have care, custody or control of the cargo and does not operate the motortruck, but in the wake of accidents courts have held them liable when the trucker’s insurance fails to pay damages. This is contingent liability, and there are coverages to make the property broker whole if these losses occur.

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Do you have operations outside the parameters of strictly performing property brokerage activities? You may have additional risk that needs to be considered. Never hesitate to contact your Roanoke insurance broker for guidance, and be sure to view the full compliment of logistics and supply chain solutions we have to offer. Depending on the additional services you offer, you might consider:

  • Warehouse Legal Liability Insurance
  • Bailee Liability Insurance
  • Packer’s Liability Insurance
  • Custodial Customs Bond
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