Over 80 years supporting clients focused in trade and transportation

“In the specialized arena of trade and transportation, Roanoke Insurance Group Inc. has the largest concentration of talent in North America. Our expertise is shared among our associates and has been passed on from one generation to the next over the last 80 years. That’s how we continue to exceed the expectations of our clients.”

—     Bill Sterrett, Chairman

Roanoke Insurance Group Inc. is comprised of seasoned customs, logistics and insurance professionals. Time-proven, successful techniques and insights are shared among our associates and are passed on from one generation to the next, providing us with the tools necessary to develop consultative and collaborative relationships with our clients. We value each opportunity to demonstrate our expertise, service and reliability.

Our clients rely on us to keep them current on the risks surrounding global supply chains and regulatory changes. We must provide quality coverage and solutions to help protect a company from a significant loss or to protect their client from a significant loss.

We believe in client-driven service that produce results. Results come from the expertise we provide in developing customized insurance and surety programs, handling claims effectively and offering training to ensure our clients have the knowledge to be successful.