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Fourth of July Weekend: Holiday Awareness

  On Monday, June 29th FreightWatch International released the following report as a guide for how to prepare for this holiday weekend: Description: Holiday weekends are notorious for showing increased cargo theft risks for transportation companies, shippers, and manufacturers.  Organized theft rings are active and understand holiday weekends cause shipments to be unattended for extended periods […]

Industry Insights

How the Additional Insured Clause Works in a Policy

An additional insured clause is attached to a third-party liability policy for the purpose of extending the coverage provided by that policy to the party named in the clause.  An additional insured clause is commonly requested along with evidence of various types of insurance in conjunction with a contract or agreement. For example, Party A […]

Industry Insights

The Pitfalls of Hold Harmless Agreements

Increasingly more of your customers are asking – or insisting – that you sign a hold-harmless agreement in order to maintain a business relationship. While it might be necessary in order to get or keep a client, be aware that you assume someone else’s liability when you sign. Don’t be mistaken, this has an impact […]

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What is Marine Cargo Insurance?

Marine Cargo Insurance is a staple to the transport of goods both domestic and international, and transportation intermediaries and logistics service providers are in an ideal position to offer quality Cargo Insurance, sometimes referred to as Shippers Interest, to protect their clients’ financial interests. No matter how robust a shipper’s loss-prevention strategy may be, it […]

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The Devil’s in the Exclusionary Details

The beauty of customizable cargo insurance is in its comprehensive applicability to very specialized shipping needs, but under that beautiful face lies a web of wrinkles that could represent hidden exposures to uninsured losses. Three issues that should be at the top of your list when placing a cargo insurance policy are the insolvency exclusion, […]

Industry Insights

Profits Skyrocket in Q1 for Some Shipping Lines

Profits in a number of big shipping lines rose dramatically in the first quarter of 2015. A drop in the price of oil and the rising value of the U.S. dollar helped bolster profits, even though unit costs increased for some shipping lines. The influence of market forces outside shippers’ control suggests that high profits […]

Industry Insights

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