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Why Logistics Service Providers Need General Liability Insurance

As your customer’s primary resource in trade facilitation, your focus is to hone your expertise and provide the best information and service possible.   Finding time to focus on general business concerns can sometimes take a back seat to business growth and client retention.  Just as your goal is to simplify the complicated with your clients, […]

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Ransomware. To Pay Or Not To Pay? That Is The Question.

If you haven’t been the victim of a ransomware attack yet, you may be someday soon. According to research by the cybersecurity company, Malwarebytes, six of every ten malware infections during the first quarter of 2017 were attributed to ransomware.1 If and when it happens to you, you will have to decide whether to pay […]

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Tariffs and Bond Sufficiency: How the Customs Broker Can Help

Since the onset of the trade wars between the United States and China in spring of 2018, the growth of additional duties owed for goods where the country of origin is in China is not slowing down.  On May 10, 2019, the duty amount on products subject to Section 301 tariffs contained on List 3 […]

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Trade War Escalation: Tariffs Will Impact More Imports

  With the rate hike on many Chinese goods, and a new round of tariffs proposed, importers and customs brokers need to be vigilant about monitoring bond sufficiency. May 2019 was a very busy month for the Trump administration and changes to tariff rates.  Some importers will see some relief with the reductions and/or removal […]

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ATA Carnets in KnowledgePort

Have you visited KnowledgePort for your ATA Carnets education needs recently? Whether you’re looking to stay current on the industry or jumpstart revenues, the ATA Carnet content in KnowledgePort is there to help you.   We currently have three courses on ATA Carnets for you to check out. Learn online and on your own schedule […]

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Minimizing Ship Risks: Choosing the Right Vessel for Project Needs

    Multipurpose covers a huge variation of vessels including heavy-lift capability, but all are typically geared with some type of crane or derrick. In this modern age, multipurpose vessels will also have hatch openings that allow full access to ’tween decks and lower holds. While ’tween decks can be fixed but often flexible in […]

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