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Self-Driving Trucks Shift Cargo Strategy

Self-Driving Trucks Shift Cargo Strategy If you plan to be in business in 15 years, you need to start planning for the impact of self-driving trucks. The goal of this high-tech industry is to reduce fuel consumption and emissions while increasing highway safety. As the technology evolves, more driverless functions, or driver-assist add-ons, will be […]

Industry Insights

West Coast Port Congestion Causes Holiday Havoc

West Coast Port Congestion Causes Holiday Havoc Retail executives, frustrated en masse by West Coast port congestion, say their goods are paralyzed in transit this holiday buying season and fourth-quarter sales numbers will suffer. Port and ground transportation problems are causing delays, and it is now taking up to a month for shipments to clear […]

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The eCTB & eSTB Process & How it will work

The eCTB & eSTB Process & How it will work While the large majority of brokers are not utilizing ACE today or they are only using it for a small percentage of their entries, eBond will affect all brokers when it comes to Continuous Bonds on January 3, 2015. The process will be simpler; new […]

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IMO Mandates Weighing Loaded Containers Before Boarding

IMO Mandates Weighing Loaded Containers Before Boarding The International Maritime Organization says loaded containers will have to be weighed before being boarded onto ships for sea transport. The determination was made by the IMO Maritime Safety Committee at its November 17-21, 2014, meeting in London and becomes effective June 1, 2016. The verified weight of […]

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Turn Vague Risk Concepts into Actionable Plans

Turn Vague Risk Concepts into Actionable Plans Often we hear of risk management plans, but that broad concept can produce vague, theoretical documents that are filed away and overtaken by operational events. Instead of wasting time and money on an unused document, why not create a clear, actionable plan? The U.S. Customs and Border Protection […]

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Thanksgiving Holiday Awareness for Transportation Companies

We wanted to share these following recommendations for preventing cargo theft with you prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, courtesy of FreightWatch International: Event: Thanksgiving Holiday Awareness Date: November 21, 2014 Location: North America Description: Year after year, the holiday shipping season shows an increase in cargo theft risks for transportation companies, shippers and manufacturers.  Since 2010, the transportation industry […]

Industry Insights

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