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Navigating Today’s Trade Risks

  The United States collected a record $7 billion in import tariffs in the month of September as new duties went into effect on apparel, tools, electronics and other consumer goods from China, according to recent data reported in the Wall Street Journal.  This sharp rise was driven by a new 15% tariff imposed on […]

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Is Your Company Protected from the Threat of Cyber-Attacks?

Recently Roanoke’s VP of Client Development, Richard Bridges, published a compelling article tackling cyber-attacks in CNS Air Cargo Focus. Deeply involved in international trade and insurance for more than 18 years, Rick is no stranger to issues of cybersecurity.   Every company, industry, and institution is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Ransomware has exploded and hackers are […]

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Fresh Tomatoes from Mexico: A Suspension Agreement was Signed – Now What?

A signing ceremony for the Suspension Agreement occurred on Thursday, September 19. That agreement takes effect upon signing by Commerce and the Signatories.  The suspension agreement imposes new procedures on tomatoes imported from Mexico. Tomatoes imported from signatories will not require the 17.56% antidumping duty deposit, however liquidation will still be suspended.   Here are […]

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Why Cargo Insurance is so Important!

By Karen Groff, President Roanoke Insurance Group Inc.   As part of a project to benchmark the safety of containers at sea, the National Cargo Bureau (NCB) recently completed a random inspection of 500 import and export ocean shipping containers and discovered that 55% had misdeclared, misplacarded and/or improperly secured cargo.   NCB inspects approximately […]

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Labor Day Shipping Awareness

The Shipping Risks Making Supply Chain Logistics Vulnerable Everyone looks forward to a long holiday weekend, especially after a busy summer season. Labor Day is just around the corner and while you may be in vacation mode, it’s important that manufacturers and logistics service providers be prepared for the risks associated with the long weekend. […]

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What is a Cyberattack and How to Protect Against It?

Transportation and logistics service providers, and mostly all companies large and small, are suffering business disruptions due to cyberattacks. A single email sent by a hacker to an unsuspecting and trusting individual — if opened by mistake —  can compromise the operations of an entire company. Every company is vulnerable and it’s only smart to […]

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