Colleen Clarke

Senior Vice President

Surety & Trade Relations

Schaumburg Office
Phone: 847-969-7033


Colleen Clarke has been involved in the international trade segment of the insurance field since 1988, and has led various initiatives to improve policies and partnerships between CBP, the surety industry and the trade. Her career in the industry started in 1988 with Washington International Insurance Company, when they were owned by Roanoke.  She held various roles throughout her career, including that of a customs claims adjuster, customs bond underwriter, division manager, marketing director and Vice President.

Colleen is a Certified Customs Specialist and a licensed insurance broker. Her experience and expertise has assisted customs brokers, importers, insurance agents and Roanoke colleagues through customs and transportation surety bond issues of all kinds.

Colleen is a member of the American Association of Exporters & Importers Board of Governors and is the co-chair of their customs committee.    She also participates in numerous trade associations and is the Roanoke liaison with the National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association.  She is currently serving on the Executive Committee of the Trade Support Network’s Trade Leadership Council and, as a member of the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation’s private sector working group, collaborates to promote the WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement. Colleen  is past President of the International Trade Surety Association (ITSA) and currently leads the Customs Surety Coalition. She served four years (2009-2012) as an appointed member of the Customs Commercial Operations Advisory Committee (COAC).

Communication is the key component to all aspects of business. The knowledge of surety issues I have gained from my mentors, as well as the practical experience over my career, allow me to share that information with our internal staff, clients and the trade industry in general. Our communication skills make us better together and mutually successful in the end.

– Colleen Clarke

Professional Partnerships

Roanoke is the leading provider of insurance and surety solutions for transportation and logistics providers. In fact, we are recognized as the most reliable source for U.S. customs bonds.


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