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Accepts ATA Carnets for: • Exhibitions and Fairs • Commercial Samples • Professional Equipment Visit SAUDI ARABIA Customs at:

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ATA Carnet Guarantee Association

The Federation of Saudi Chambers

P.O.Box 16683 Riyadh 11474, Saudi Arabia

Tel: (+966)(112182222), (+966)(112182404)

Fax: Fax: (+966)(112182111)



Embassy in the US

Embassy of Saudi Arabia

601 New Hampshire Ave NW Washington, D.C. 20037 USA

Tel: 202.342.3800

Fax: 202.342.3800


U.S. Commercial Service Export Assistance Saudi Arabia Country Portal
Download the Saudia Arabia Country Guide

ATA Carnet Specifics

Please be advised of the following:

1.     Carnets are accepted for postal traffic.

2.     Carnets are accepted for transit operations.

3.     Carnets are accepted for hand-carried goods and via cargos.

4.     Carnets are accepted from either ATA or Istanbul Contracting Parties (countries).

5.     Importation in split consignments is acceptable.

6.     Extensions

a)     Replacement Carnets will be accepted in accordance with Article 14 of Annex A to the Istanbul Convention.

b)     To extend the re-exportation deadline set by SA customs, Holders must seek pre-approval in writing to SA customs. Your Holder must provide such letter to USCIB for seeking the approval at least 3 weeks before the deadline.

7.     Customs Offices – All customs offices are authorized to handle ATA Carnet procedures.

8.     Regularization fees – SA customs reserve the right to charge a regularization fee in case a claim is regularized by evidence other than the validated re-exportation counterfoil by Saudi customs.

9.     Special Observations

a.     Carnets will be rejected for false declaration of the value of the goods.

b.     Besides, false declarations of Carnet value may result in seizure/confiscation of the goods. In addition, Holders may be penalized with fines.

c.      Goods fail to re-export timely will be penalized. A penalty of SR 1,000 shall be payable for every week or part of the week past the re-exportation deadline, i.e. the expiry date or the Final Date of Re-exportation listed on the importation counterfoil.  The amount of the penalty shall not exceed 20% of the Carnet value.

d.     Holder must pay attention to the Final Date of Re-exportation.

Carnets going into Saudi Arabia require a Carnet Pre-Approval for Clearance.  Please submit request  via Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (

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