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Accepts ATA Carnets for Commercial Samples, Professional Equipment, and Exhibitions and Fairs

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ATA Carnet Guarantee Association

Chamber of Economy of Montenegro (CEM)

Novaka Miloseva 29/II, Pordgorica Ulaanbaatar 210538

Tel: (976.11) 312.371

Fax: (976.11) 324.620


Embassy in the US

Embassy of Montenegro

1610 New Hampshire Ave NW Washington, DC 20009 USA

Tel: 202.234.6108


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ATA Carnet Specifics

Carnet Rules on Goods Made of Precious Metals and Jewelry

1) It will be allowed for EF only.

2) EF must be at a public venue for exhibitions, fairs, meetings or similar events.

3) EF venue cannot be at private or business premises.

4) Customs offices that will process these Carnet entries: internal (commodity) customs offices:

a) CI Terminal Podgorica, b) CI Terminal Kotor, c) CI Bijelo Polje and d) CI Bar

5) Require 1 set of blue transit to enable movement of the goods to the internal CI office for evaluation

6) Documents to present to the internal CI office

▪ Holder’s authorization of the person, who declares the goods on the basis of the ATA Carnet, if the representative is registered in Section B of the ATA Carnet,
▪ Be prepared with a translation of the list of goods, if required,
▪ Documents confirming a precise description of the goods (e.g. photos),
▪ Bill of lading,
▪ Exhibitor’s fair application certified by the fair organizer, specified with the date and the place of the fair,
▪ Documentation in which the values of individual products are specified (e.g. invoice), as well as the corresponding KN tariff codes.

7) The procedure of temporary import of items made of precious metals for display at a fair or exhibition does not require the permit issued by the Ministry of Economy for the import of these items in accordance with the regulations governing foreign trade and according to the Opinion of the Ministry of Economy Act No. 01-2903/2 as of January 24, 2017 (attached to the Act

8) For direct import into Montenegro, Holder must present with the Carnet one of the following documents for customs inspection:

▪ Write in section C of the Carnet, the exact name and address of the organizer of the fair (jewelry and valuables fairs)
▪ On the Holder’s letterhead indicates the place, address, and dates of the fair

9) When the goods do not meet the conditions for temporary import/export based on the ATA Carnet (for example, they are imported for the purpose of exhibiting at the fair of a known buyer, and in all the cases mentioned above), the goods are subject to a regular import or export procedure.

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