October 13, 2014 | ISF

Importer Security Filing Update

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Despite the good-faith efforts of CBP officials, there continue to be many Importer Security Filing (ISF) related questions on the minds of the international trade community. Roanoke Trade has been extensively involved in the CBP and trade dialog on ISF via its representation in and interaction with COAC, the Customs-Surety Executive Committee, the International Trade Surety Association, the NCBFAA ISF Subcommittee, and a number of other organizations. We would like to share with you knowledge we have gained from those activities but – we wish to do so in a manner that respects your time. To achieve these twin objectives, we have prepared for you a short summary of key CBP feedback along with some brief reporting and commentary on unresolved matters of general concern. Click here to view this informative summary.

It has been over 3 years since CBP has revised the ISF FAQ document on their website and they have indicated that they are planning to release an update within the next month. We will send a notice when this release takes place. Meanwhile, the existing document contains foundational information on the ISF program and process that may be of use to your staff members. You can access this document here.

Should you have any questions, please submit them via email to Dave Jordan atdave.jordan@roanokegroup.com so he may respond to you. Or you may contact your Roanoke Trade service office at 1-800-ROANOKE with questions you may have about ISF bonding or any other bonds or insurance matters.

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A New Era in ISF Enforcement

On June 17, CBP issued CSMS# 16-000499 announcing major changes in ISF enforcement. The following summary is based on the CSMS and subsequent NCBFAA ISF Subcommittee discussions with CBP. Effective for shipments on the water on or after June 30, CBP will operate as follows: Except as noted below, CBP is viewing the Interim Final […]

Industry Insights, ISF

CSMS# 15-000012 – Single Transaction Bonds for ISF Filings

CBP has confirmed that emailing of bond images will not be necessary for any ISF single transaction bond (“Appendix D Bond”) filed as an eBond. That means that for any ISF STB that you create in FastBond™, the process has just become easier for you. Because the ISF number must still be included on an […]

eBond, ISF

April 2014: ISF Enforcement Updates

The trade community’s interest in ISF developments remains high. Considering the sweeping impact of this program upon brokers, importers, and others, this is no surprise. Has there been a great deal of ISF discussion over the past seven months? Yes. Have there been a many substantive changes? Not really. As a follow-up to an ISF enforcement update Roanoke […]

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