February 27, 2024 | ATA Carnet

Exciting News: Peru Joins the ATA Carnet System!

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We’re thrilled to share a significant milestone in the world of international trade and temporary goods movement. Starting April 30, 2024, Peru will officially adopt the ATA Carnet system, becoming the 80th country to facilitate smoother, duty-free exchange of goods for up to one year. This development positions Peru as the third Latin American nation, following Chile and Mexico, to embrace this innovative customs solution.

The ATA Carnet, often dubbed the “passport for goods,” is a crucial instrument for businesses engaged in international trade, especially those involved in exhibitions, fairs, and similar events. It allows for the temporary import and export of goods without the hassle of paying duties and taxes, making it an invaluable tool for promoting global trade and cultural exchange.

The United States Council for International Business (USCIB) has been at the forefront of this initiative, working closely with the Lima Chamber of Commerce and Peru Customs (SUNAT) to ensure a seamless integration into the ATA Carnet system. The Lima Chamber of Commerce, recognized as the national guaranteeing and issuing association for Peru, joined the international Guarantee Chain of the ATA Carnet during a pivotal meeting of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) – World Chambers Federation (WCF) General Council last November.

This achievement is not just a win for Peru but a significant advancement for the global trade community, facilitating easier and more efficient cross-border movements of goods for exhibitions and professional use.

Obtaining an ATA Carnet is a quick and easy process; learn how to obtain an ATA Carnet and apply for your ATA Carnet today! Our expertise and comprehensive services ensure that your goods travel seamlessly across borders, saving you time and money.

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